What To Expect From Water Damage Restoration- Most Common FAQs

Water Damage Restoration in Lombard, IL

Are you dealing with a water related catastrophe at your home or commercial property? As 1st Choice Solutions, a leading water damage repair company, we understand the panic such a situation can trigger. To help alleviate your concerns, we compiled answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about water damage restoration.


  1. What Exactly Is Water Damage Restoration?

Water damage restoration refers to the specialized clean-up and restoration process following water damage in a property. This process involves several steps, such as initial inspection, water removal, dehumidification, cleaning, disinfecting, and mold remediation, when necessary. It is aimed to return your property to its livable, pre-damages state.

  1. How Quickly Should You React To Water Damage?

Water damage requires immediate attention. If you don’t react swiftly, water could soak into your properties’ drywall, flooring and other porous materials leading to more significant challenges like mold development and structural instability. To mitigate the harm substantially, you should begin the process of water damage restoration with a professional water damage repair team like 1st Choice Solutions as soon as you detect the issue.

  1. What Can Be Done To Prevent Future Water Damage?

Regular property maintenance is essential. Keep your gutters clean, check your pipes and appliances regularly for leaks, and make sure your landscaping pulls water away from the property. Also, make sure your property is adequately insulated to avoid ice dams in winter.

  1. How Does The Water Damage Restoration Process Work?

The process can vary slightly based on the extent of damage but it usually goes as follows:

Inspection & Damage Assessment: Initially, our experienced team inspects the affected area to determine the class and category of water damage.

Water Removal / Water Extraction: After the assessment, the extensive water removal process begins. Our advanced equipment is designed to remove loads of water—fast.

Drying and dehumidification: With the advanced techniques at our disposal, we’ll ensure your property is thoroughly dried out and the moisture in the air is reduced.

Cleaning & Sanitizing: Restoring your home/property also involves cleaning and sanitizing. We will remove any remaining debris, clean the affected areas and provide antimicrobial treatments.

Additional Steps & Services: When it comes to water damage restoration, we understand that every instance is unique. Some properties may require sewage cleanup or mold remediation, for example. We will provide you with any of the necessary additional tasks that are required to return your home or business to its former glory.

  1. Can You Stay In Your Home During The Restoration Process?

In some cases, you can; while in other situations, you may need to seek alternative accommodation, primarily based on the amount of water damage and length of the restoration process. Your safety is our predominant concern, and we always try to work efficiently to minimize any displacement.

  1. What’s The Timeframe To Complete The Water Damage Restoration Process?

The time it takes to address water damage can vary dramatically, based on the situation and contributing factors such as the extent of the damage and whether the water is clean or contaminated. We always consider the unique situation that our customer is facing, and keep them informed of the estimated timeline throughout the process. At 1st Choice Solutions, we respond, work, and deliver results promptly.

  1. Can I Handle Water Damage Restoration On My Own?

While basic water damage may appear manageable, it is often more extensive than what meets the eye. A lack of comprehensive, professional care could lead to hazardous mold issues or structural weaknesses down the line. Backed by unmatched expertise and advanced equipment, we eradicate these risks.

  1. What Causes Water Damage?

Water damage can occur due to various reasons — from natural calamities like floods and storms to household complications such as burst pipes, plumbing leaks, and overflowing washers. Even high humidity areas in your property can trigger long-term water damage.

  1. What Is Mold And Why Does It Grow After Water Damage?

Mold is a form of fungus that thrives in dark, damp environments. After water damage, interior walls, floors, and trapped spaces contain excessive moisture that turns your property into a paradise for mold colonies. Molds produce spores to reproduce. These spores can float around in the air, land on moist surfaces, and start growing into new colonies.

  1. How Can I Tell If I Have A Mold Problem After Water Damage?

The presence of discoloration on walls, floors or furniture could be an indication of mold growth. A musty odor is also a tell-tale sign. However, not all mold is visible or can be detected by smell. We recommend a professional assessment to identify hidden mold colonies.

  1. How Soon After Water Damage Can Mold Start Growing?

Mold can begin growing as early as 24 to 48 hours post-water damage. This is why prompt and professional water damage extraction, drying, and dehumidification are crucial to avoid conducive conditions for mold growth.

  1. How Can I Prevent Mold Growth After Water Damage?

Seeking out professional water damage restoration as quickly as possible after experiencing water damage is key. This includes water extraction, drying, dehumidification, and professional assessment. Regular property maintenance like repairing leaks, ensuring good ventilation, and monitoring indoor humidity can also help prevent unnecessary moisture build-up, making environments less hospitable for mold growth.

Remember, water damage restoration is not about impulsively rushing to mop up excess water or just fixing a leak—it’s about resolving the root of the problem, cleaning and disinfecting effectively, restoring your valuable property, and preventing it from future damages.

And at 1st Choice Solutions, we focus on fulfilling these requirements to restore normalcy to our customers’ lives. We not just offer a restoration service, but a promise— to promptly address your water damage concerns and needs. Your safety, happiness, and property’s longevity is our priority. If you find yourself in need of expert water damage restoration services, we are available 24/7/365. Contact us today, and lets get started on your water damage repair services.