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When dealing with water damage, fire damage, mold, or any other restoration emergencies, the last thing you want to deal with is the safety of your inventory and items that may be exposed to harmful chemicals and potential threats. That is why here at 1st Choice Solutions we offer pack out services when you need help.

What is a Packout?

Leaving your items on site where damage has occurred can be catastrophic to your belongings. Being exposed to high levels of moisture, standing water, smoke particles, or mold can cause damage over time- meaning every second counts. Once your property is secure, our team will inspect your belongings to make sure they are clean and able to be packed away, and methodically pack and move your items. 

Packouts and Contents - 1st Choice Solutions

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We understand it is crucial for you to know exactly what is being moved when it comes to others handling your items for your own peace of mind. That is why we inventory and carefully account for any and all of the items we are packing away. We aim to be as detailed as possible so photographs, notes on the conditions of the items, and a description if necessary are also included. It is our priority to handle all of your items as if they were our own, and keep all boxes labeled and organized.


Your items will need to be sanitized, restored, and cleaned after exposure to certain elements. It is important to remove the items from the exposed area in order to ensure we are not putting your items at risk of reinfection. Think of it as a sort of quarantine in order to ensure your items make it through this event without any long term damage. It is also important to inspect your belongings in order to know what can be salvaged and what will need to be replaced or disposed of. This is very important information to keep track of if you are working with an insurance company in regards to the loss you have experienced. 

Returning Your Items

Once the damaged area is restored and your items have been inspected and sanitized, it will be time for your items to make their way back to your commercial or residential property. This process is handled just as carefully and delicately as removing the items from your home or business. Thanks to our detailed notes and descriptions our team should be able to identify where the boxes should be returned to.

If you are going through dealing with damage to your home or property, we know how frustrating and stressful that can be. Our hope is to help you in any way possible, including the care and restoration of your personal belongings. Don’t allow water, fire, or mold damage to cause anymore damage to your life. Choose 1st Choice Solutions to ensure quality work with the care and support you need during these challenging times. We provide 24/7 emergency services so call us right away.

Packout Services in Lombard, IL