The majority of home fires originate in the kitchen, typically when the homeowner isn’t following proper fire safety protocol. Avoid letting your home in Lombard, IL become another statistic by abiding by the following fire safety tips.

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  1. Never Wear Loose-Fitting Clothing While Cooking.

        Loose, dangling sleeves can easily catch fire if they come into contact with electric burners or open gas flames on your cooktop. Prevent this from happening by rolling your sleeves up, or opting for short, tighter fitting clothing.

  1. Never Leave Your Cooktop Unattended.

       Open flames can easily spread out of control if you aren’t monitoring them carefully. Always keep a close eye on your stove top, and make sure to turn it off before you leave the room.

  1. Never Store Food Items In Your Oven.

       It’s not always easy to see the inside of your oven, so you’re likely to forget about any items you may store inside it. Accidentally preheating an oven while food items or other not-oven-safe objects are inside is an easy way to cause fire damage.

  1. Never Throw Hot Grease in the Garbage Can.

       Your trash bin is full of combustible materials that a grease fire can feed on. Proper grease disposal tips typically involve waiting for the oil to cool down before disposing of it in a separate, metal can.

  1. Never Keep Combustible Materials Too Close to Your Cooktop.

        Keeping your countertops and cooktops free of clutter is a great way to prevent kitchen fires. Flammable objects, such as oven mitts, can easily be knocked into burners and catch fire.

 Practicing these proper fire safety tips is a fantastic way to keep your kitchen safe while cooking. It’s easy to forget that many cooktops use open flames, and must be treated carefully in order to avoid disaster. If your kitchen does suffer a grease fire, or any other type of accident, it’s important that you contact fire remediation experts as soon as you can.