Protective Equipment Worn By Professional Mold Remediators

There are numerous possible causes for mold growth in a home. Poor ventilation, high humidity, excess moisture in spots, weather events resulting in flooding, condensation and leaks are only a few of them. For severe mold damage situations, it is often advised that a professional cleanup and restoration service in Chicago, IL, be consulted. There are currently no set government standards regarding mold remediation in the U.S. or regulations about personal protective equipment while performing it. However, the Environmental Protection Agency does recommend wearing more protection than face masks.

  1. Respirators

To avoid inhaling mold and dust, respirators are necessary. The EPA describes them as falling into one of three categories, full, limited and minimum. These should be used in different situations depending on the extent (size of the space covered by mold) of the issue, with full being for the most severe ones and minimum for the least. The first shields the whole face, is powered and contains an air purifier. The second covers either half of the face or all of it and also purifies the air; they have P100 filters. The third is an N-95 respirator, which is often sold in regular hardware stores and only protects the nose and the mouth. It also filters out the majority of particles.

  1. Hand and Eye Defense

Goggles and gloves are vital pieces of equipment for mold remediators. Full-face respirators, unlike half ones or face masks, do come with eye protection. Those not using them need fitted goggles (not safety glasses) without vent holes. Longer gloves are generally recommended for maximum protection and may be made of many materials, including rubber, neoprene, nitrile and more.

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  1. Disposable Garments

Mold particles can cling to clothing, leading to their spread. Trashing them after remediation prevents this. Gear that covers the whole body may be necessary when dealing with particularly large mold incidents.

Many individuals throw on face masks and plastic gloves and think it is enough when cleaning mold when it does not offer adequate protection. It is important for mold remediation experts to don the proper protective equipment as suggested by the EPA.