What Is Fire Damage Restoration & Why You Need a Professional

fire and smoke damage

Fire damage is one of the most challenging and dangerous forms of restoration. Toxic fumes and chemicals are a threat, but there is also the threat of electrical shock, structural collapse, and so much more. Your safety is important, which is why it is important to trust this work to a team of professionals who can use their expertise to work together and get the job done quickly, efficiently, and safely. You may wonder what the process is like when it comes to fire damage restoration. Here is a little insight to our process at 1st Choice.

Assess the Damage

First our team will visit the property and assess the damage. It is important to us to get an idea of the extent of damage so we can properly inform you on the repair and restoration process and prepare our team for what needs to be done for your home to return to its former state.

Secure the Property And Board Up

In order to keep our team safe we will secure the structure of the home. We will also board up any windows, walls, or holes that are leaving your home exposed to the elements and any further damage

Clean and Restore

Now comes the restoration and cleaning process. If there is any water from when the fire was put out we will mitigate the water and tend to any water damage it left behind. Ventilation and sterilization is an important step of the process in order to ensure no mold or mildew can flourish in the home after the job is done.

fire and smoke damage

As we stated previously, toxic fumes and chemicals are released into the air so it is important for your safety in the future that we clean everything thoroughly and completely. Soot is a tiny particle that gets embedded into any porous surface it can latch onto and if handled improperly, the soot can just spread through the home. Our team of experts have the knowledge to complete this task meticulously yet in a timely manner.

Smoke, water, and fire all can leave behind a lingering, unpleasant smell that hangs around in carpets, furniture, clothing, and surfaces of the home. We use our knowledge and special equipment to ensure that there will be no clues there was once a fire in the property, even by smell. 

At this point we will take the time to repair and restore or replace carpets, walls, windows, doors, and more so your home looks and feels even better than it did before.

Your Return To A Restored Home

One of the best moments is to return to your home and see a refreshed space. We are proud to be a part of this process and always do our best work so our clients are happy and comfortable when we are done. 

If you are dealing with fire and smoke damage, we understand how stressful and emotional it can be. Don’t go through this process alone. Contact 1st Choice Solutions to get started on the restoration process today. We know these events happen when you least expect them to, which is why we offer a 24/7 emergency response service so we can be there for you when you need us the most.