Tips To Maintain Your Building’s Fire Sprinklers

May 8, 2020 | Preparedness

It is critical that the sprinkler system in your building in Chicago, IL works without a hitch when you need it. You should contact a professional fire service person to conduct a comprehensive sprinkler inspection each year. He or she will inspect the pipes and sprinklers to ensure that the system is calibrated accurately. In addition to these inspections, however, there are some important sprinkler maintenance measures that you can follow on a more frequent basis to make sure your fire sprinklers are kept in good working condition all year.

Sprinkler System Maintenance

Clean the sprinkler heads. Sprinkler heads can accumulate dirt, debris and grease which can impede the effectiveness of the sprinklers. Remove the heads carefully and soak them in a non-corrosive degreaser and then wipe them dry with a clean, soft cloth. It is also critical to never paint the sprinkler heads because this can cause them to malfunction.
Inspect all valves that are non-electrical. The valves must always remain open in order to disperse water. Check them weekly to ensure they remain in the open position. If your building has electrical valves, these need to be evaluated when the service professional inspects the system annually.
Make sure there is nothing blocking the sprinklers from distributing water evenly in the room. Don’t stack or place high objects directly beneath the sprinklers.
Check the water pressure of the sprinklers. A licensed plumber should conduct this sprinkler maintenance inspection once every quarter to ensure there is enough water pressure to spray the entire area.

It’s important to realize that sprinklers won’t be triggered by someone burning their lunch in the break room toaster oven. Sprinklers are activated by intense heat, not smoke.
You certainly hope that your sprinkler maintenance system will never have to be put to the test, but knowing that it will work if you need it should give you some peace of mind.


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