Steps To Take After Water Damage Exposure

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Sometimes when a devastating event occurs it can cause us to panic. It is important to try and do our best to protect our loved ones and our property in the event of water damage by keeping calm. You may feel helpless and overwhelmed to see your home or business taken over by water, but there are a few things you can do to possibly limit the damage and set yourself up for success when the time comes to restore and repair.

Turn Off The Power and Water Supply

Turning off the power is a critical step to keeping everyone safe. Not only is there the risk of electrical shock, but wet wires can cause electrical fires. If the water damage is not caused by a natural disaster or storm and starts in the home, turning off the water supply can assist in mitigating the water damage. It is important to note that if you have any gas appliances in your home it is important to turn the gas off as well. If the water in your home has made it hazardous to be there then its most important to evacuate the area to keep yourself and those around you safe. 

Contact Your Insurance Company

Contacting your insurance company should be done before anything else. You want to contact them before any restoration or repairs have started. Contacting them as quickly as possible will speed up the process of restoration, since you may need to wait for steps to be taken by your insurance company. It also can be helpful since the event is fresh in your mind, you can assess the damage to your abilities without having to recall the event and damage.

Document The Damage

Taking photos of the damage is important in order to provide proof of loss and damage to your insurance company. Water damage leaves a lot of obvious damage like discoloration , peeling paint, swelling and warped building materials, and damage to your personal belongings- but it also can cause devastating effects we may not be aware of right away like damage to your subfloor, mold growth, and exposure to chemicals in the building materials that can be hazardous.

Salvage What You Can To Prevent Further Water Damage To Your Belongings

If your home or business is structurally sound it may be a good idea to remove what you can from the affected area in order to prevent damage from worsening. Some of your personal belongings may be fine and can be moved to a safe location to prevent them from being exposed to the moisture and water. If some of your furniture or personal items are submerged in water it could be beneficial to move it to a dry area if you have the ability to do so to allow it to dry out. This can also make it easier to assess the damage that was done to the item. It will probably benefit you to do this at the same time as you are assessing the damage and photographing everything.

Water Damage

Call A Professional To Assess The Damage

1st Choice Solutions wants to be there for you in your time of need. We offer 24/7 emergency service so we can be readily available whenever you need us. We will come out to assess the damage and give you an idea of what is salvageable, and what may be considered a loss. We will also discuss with you other important steps that may need to be taken, such as those for the prevention of mold. 


Water damage should never be left untreated in order to prevent more loss, and even health risks. Taking these steps can seem challenging in a time where you may feel stressed or worried, but it will help you mitigate your losses and set you up for success with the restoration and repairs you have ahead of you. If you find yourself dealing with water damage, don’t take that burden on alone. Call 1st Choice Solutions immediately to get the job done.