1st Choice Solutions Services

Offering Comprehensive Services


We are among the numerous extraction companies here in the metro area. So as to get to the respected place in which we are now, our provided results, effectiveness and work moral are what speak amounts of our company in a whole. When you choose us, you are picking a company that puts you before all else. We meticulously handle all your goals and go as far as billing your insurance company for you, so that you don’t have to.

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Because fire and smoke restoration is so complex, due to the gases that are released from the burning construction materials, 1st Choice makes sure that our trained specialists and technicians get the job done right!  Our goal at 1st Choice solutions is to detect, neutralize chemicals, and remove hazardous odors from the air,  but more importantly, to restore and maintain a safe environment on your property for you and your loved ones.

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1st Choice Solutions proudly offers mold removal as one of its many services. We know and understand that mold lives naturally in homes and can be more than likely found in damp surfaces. Our main priority is to get the affected cleared and cleaned up as fast as possible to prevent further damage. What allows us to help and restore a property comes from our experienced technicians and, of course, the high-quality equipment that we use.

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Our 1st Choice Solutions team is here to assist you 24/7 when it comes to dealing with any type of disaster. If your property has recently faced damage and you need help in its restoration, 1st Choice is here to provide the reconstruction help that you need.

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Day Or Night Emergency Cleanup