Preventing Mold Growth in HVAC Systems

May 8, 2020 | Mold Remediation

Mold growth in your business’s HVAC system can cause major problems. Fortunately, routine inspections and HVAC cleaning can help prevent major damage.
Where Does Mold Grow
HVAC systems have several characteristics that make them ideal homes for mold. The following locations are especially prone to mold growth:

Evaporator coils
Drip pans

HVAC systems are designed to make air cooler or warmer. Due to the changing temperatures, the systems are prone to condensation. Condensation frequently occurs around vents and on evaporator coils. Drip pans collect the excess condensation from evaporator coils. All this moisture acts as a catalyst for mold growth. Additionally, mold spores and dust often collect inside air ducts. The dust acts as a food source for the mold, allowing it to proliferate.

Preventing Mold Growth

Although it is impossible to completely remove moisture, dust or mold spores from an HVAC system, there are some things you can do to minimize these factors and limit the opportunities for mold growth. Cleaning vents can keep condensation from building up and fostering mold growth. Have a professional perform routine HVAC cleaning to keep the amount of dust and mold spores down. Installing a HEPA filter can also minimize dust and spores. Routinely check for mold growth in the parts of the unit that are visible. It is difficult for a nonprofessional to see inside ductwork, but a mildew smell should alert you to the presence of mold in the air ducts. If you notice a moldy smell, turn off the unit for about fifteen minutes. If the smell subsides when the HVAC is off, then the smell is likely coming from inside the ductwork. If you see or smell mold, call your HVAC technician to help you address the problem.
HVAC cleaning and inspections

can prevent the likelihood of mold growth, but even the most conscientious business owners can suffer mold damage. Fortunately, 1st Choice Solutions can help you get your Chicago business back to normal quickly and safely.

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