Mold? In a dry climate?

As a commercial property owner in Lombard, IL you may not think you have to worry about mold. After all, fungus mostly grows around moisture. Yet even buildings in desert conditions are not immune to black mold problems.

Mold Growth

Mold thrives in hot and wet environments. While it may not rain much in [City, State], water could still end up in your property via:
      Sink or water heater leaks
       Ponds of water on roofs
       Broken, missing or cracked shingles

In fact, properties in dry climates may need mold cleanup more frequently than those in wet locations do. Property owners in dry areas are often less vigilant about checking for water damage that can lead to mold.

Mold can easily destroy parts of your building. Even if your property is in a dry city, you should follow the below tips for preventing the spread of the fungus.

Mold Prevention Tips

1. Black mold can grow within 24 or 48 hours of a leak, so any small spills or floods need to be dried right away.

2. The roof is a common cause of mold problems. Poor shingles, seals and flashing could cause leaks that encourage mold growth. You should thus inspect your roof regularly and have any issues repaired as soon as possible.

3. Even small holes created by woodpeckers or blowing debris can cause water to seep into your property. Check your walls periodically for any signs of damage.

4. Leaks are not the only thing that causes mold. Excessive condensation can also lead to mold growth. You can prevent this by installing exhaust fans in bathrooms. You should also frequently check the air conditioning condensate lines for clogs.

5. Black mold grows in hot and wet conditions, so limit moisture in your building as much as possible. You should also contact mold remediation specialists at the first sight of the fungus. They will know how to safely remove the mold and stop it from coming back.

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