Is your home in a flood plain? Don't know? Here is why you should!

If your Lombard, Il, home is in a floodplain, there is a good chance you have taken the extra precaution of obtaining flood insurance. When a natural disaster strikes, even homes that seem like they would be clear of potential flood damage may still incur damage that typical insurance won’t cover. For people in that situation, there may still be help available.

About Disaster Grants

A FEMA Disaster Grant is available for people affected by a federally recognized disaster area. The grant must be applied for and is given out case by case. Anyone without insurance can file for a grant regardless of income, as long as it is in the designated location. It is a one-time claim and will require acquiring flood insurance on future homes. Additional requirements, which are in direct correlation with the disaster, include:

Uninhabitable or inaccessible home
Lack expenses or coverage via insurance or other sources
Affected home is your main residence
Must be a U.S. resident or have one residing in the home

What Does the Grant Cover?

The grant amount varies and likely won’t cover a total loss, but they do provide a way for people to cover expenses that are exempt from insurance. In cases of flooding, the monies are designed to help repair the home to a safe level and living expenses during displacement. Although it won’t be enough to entirely restore the home, payouts are a maximum of $33,000, it can help with cleanup costs, new electrical or HVAC systems, or some structural repairs. The monies also may provide housing assistance for up to 18 months, as well as potentially cover medical or other costs associated with recovery, such as tool replacement.

While flood insurance is an added expense, it is the best way to protect your home and its belongings. If a disaster happens before you get the extra coverage, just remember that some help may be available.

I had a pipe leaking in my wall in my laundry area. 1st Choice came and opened up the wall, took my washer, dryer and laundry tub out of the room. After a plumber fixed the pipe, they came and pulled up the carpet and dried out the room. I was very satisfied with that part of my ordeal.

Ron. M.

All of the employees I dealt with were polite, on time and did great work. They cleaned up after the job and would highly recommend them.

Nancy. O.

What they say

We believe that each one of our clients deserves the very best of us and we go the extra mile to make sure that happens.

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