When your home in Lombard, Illinois faces regular storms, you may be concerned about roof damage. Fortunately, a local storm damage restoration team may be able to help. Here are five things these professionals recommend that could help protect your home.

1. Inspect the Roof Regularly

It's important to regularly inspect the roof to keep an eye out for any damaged areas. You may want to do this after any severe weather, and at a regular time each year. If you're not sure what to look for a professional may be able to help.

2. Protect Damaged Areas

If you do find damage to your roof it's important to protect the space until repairs can be made. This can be done by using either a heavy tarp or ply-board the cover over the affected area.

3. Make Repairs Quickly

It's important to repair roof damage as quickly as possible. This will prevent additional inclement weather from worsening the problem. When dealing with roof repair it's advised to contact a professional.

4. Keep Gutters Clean

Keeping the gutters clean can be another important aspect of protecting your home. Clogged gutters can lead to water overflow which can in turn flood and damage the roof. regularly maintaining your gutters and other drainage systems can help mitigate this problem.

5. Trim Back Trees

Your roof may experience wind damage after storm winds pick up dead branches and blow them into the structure. This is why you may want to trim back any trees to keep them from overhanging the roof. This can include weakened limbs from other trees in the surrounding area as well.

If you're worried about roof damage we may want to consider these five tips for protecting your home. Inspect the roof regularly, protect damaged areas, make quick repairs, keep the gutters clean, and trimmed back overhanging branches. Remember, if you do experience storm damage 1st Choice Solutions is available 24/7.

I had a pipe leaking in my wall in my laundry area. 1st Choice came and opened up the wall, took my washer, dryer and laundry tub out of the room. After a plumber fixed the pipe, they came and pulled up the carpet and dried out the room. I was very satisfied with that part of my ordeal.

Ron. M.

All of the employees I dealt with were polite, on time and did great work. They cleaned up after the job and would highly recommend them.

Nancy. O.

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We believe that each one of our clients deserves the very best of us and we go the extra mile to make sure that happens.

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