What services do you need after a fire damage?

After fire damages a commercial building in Lombard, IL the owner of the property should pursue damage mitigation, cleanup and restoration. The right fire damage restoration company can perform all of these services at a commercial building.

1. Limiting Access and Mitigating Damage
Regardless of the degree of harm caused by a fire, it is important to restrict access to the affected portion of a commercial structure until restoration is complete. Although a commercial fire may take place in a building with many occupants, foot traffic and contact with contents or materials can intensify fire damage. Services such as boarding up breaches in walls or windows, or putting a tarp over roof damage, can keep conditions from getting worse in advance of cleanup and restoration.

2. Extracting Water and Tearing Out Ruined Materials
Blazes extinguished with fire hoses can lead to secondary water destruction. This damage is classified as secondary because it occurred in response to primary fire damage. Pumping out water in a timely manner limits additional deterioration of building materials and contents and sets the stage for fire damage restoration. Once the affected area is completely dry, materials that have been ruined by fire should be torn out.

3. Cleaning and Restoring Primary and Secondary Damage
Once the section affected by fire is dry and free of burned substances, the remaining surfaces can be sanitized. Building materials ruined by fire should be replaced during restoration. It may be necessary to do smoke cleanup after removing ash and soot from a structure. The presence of moisture can intensify the level of fire damage to many materials.

A full-service fire damage restoration company should be able to provide all of the services specified above. Relying on trained experts can allow for faster and more thorough restoration. Depending on the severity of destruction to a commercial building in Oak Park, IL cleanup and rebuilding could take days or weeks.

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