Most Common Causes of a House Fire and the Need for Fire Damage Restoration

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Every year, over 13,000 people are injured by house fires. In total, this can amount to about $7 billion in damages. In this post, 1st Choice Solutions will discuss some of the most common causes of a house fire to save you the trauma and cost of dealing with such an issue.

Smoke Alarms

The most important factor to staying safe when there is a fire in your home is having a functional and properly powered smoke detector. Approximately 3/5 lives lost in house fires take place when there is no smoke alarm. The number of lives lost is cut by more than 50% when there is a smoke detector present, according to the National Fire Protection Association.

Space Heaters and Wood Stoves

Space heaters and wood stoves, while common household items, account for approximately 80% of home fire deaths, overwhelmingly making home heating equipment the lead cause of house fires in the United States. Space heaters are responsible for two in five home fires as well as the majority of home fire deaths, as well as the majority of general property damage.

The Kitchen

Two out of every five house fires begin in the kitchen. The fire department responds to nearly 200,000 fires started in the kitchen every year, averaging over 500 deaths per year and nearly 5,000 injuries. These numbers peak around the thanksgiving and Christmas holidays where nearly 500 fires are responded to per day. Statistically, electric ranges have a higher risk than gas ranges. Typically, these injuries or deaths are caused by unattended cooking, often by people who have fallen asleep.


It is estimated that over 18,000 home fires are started by cigarettes every year, injuring over 1,000 people, and costing over $400 million in damages. This is particularly dangerous because smoking materials are generally in close proximity to others. Like cooking, one of the major risks with this type of fire is falling asleep. If a lit cigarette comes in contact with a piece of furniture or clothing it has the potential to start a major home fire.

Electrical Fires

Electrical fires are responsible for over 50,000 house fires and approximately 500 deaths every year. It’s key to have your electrical system inspected regularly or whenever you suspect an issue. Additionally, in any home or business you want to have smoke detectors on every floor and inside and outside of every sleeping area or bedroom. Our team can also provide you with general tips to prevent these kinds of fires, such as testing your home electrical system and being sure to use the right light bulbs.

When to Call 1st Choice Solutions

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