These types of claims can be tricky, and it’s vital that you understand which types of residential water damage are and are not covered in your policy. Read on to learn how to properly make a claim for your home in Lombard, Il.

  1. Contact Your Insurance Company.

    Water damage can spread quickly and cause lots of subsequent issues, so it’s vital that you contact your insurance company to file a claim as soon as you can. Fill out the necessary claim forms that your insurance provider needs from claims in Lombard, Il.

  1. Schedule a Meeting with the Adjustor.

    The majority of insurance claims require the adjustor to assess the damage within 15 days of the initial accident report. Laws can vary depending on which state you live in, so make sure to check with your state insurance department.

  1. Receive the Verdict from Your Claim.

    Your adjustor ultimately decides whether or not your water damage insurance claim is valid. They typically get back to you within another 15 days. You can use this time to search for remediation professionals that can help you resolve the flood damage.

  1. Negotiate Your Terms (if necessary).

    If you’re unhappy with the adjustor’s verdict, then you have the option to negotiate with your insurance company to settle new terms. This step is optional.

  1. Settle the Terms.

    Once you and your adjustor reach an agreement, you can settle the terms of the claim. After this, your funds are typically transferred to you within five days. If you fail to reach an agreement, you can always file a complain to your state’s department of insurance.

There are plenty of different water damage causes, including a flood, a pipe burst, a storm, any type of leak and much, much more. Regardless of what caused the damage, acting quickly to file an insurance claim is vital to resolving the issue.