Water Damage During Construction Constructing a New Building Or Addition An Exciting Time For Property Owners In Chichago, IL

Along with all the planning that goes into the design, a plan also needs to be in place to prevent water damage. If Mother Nature produces excess water and the site gets flooded, it means more than wet dirt. Ensuring that the plumbing system is properly installed is also key to avoiding a water pipe repair once the build is finished.

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Before Construction‍

Prior to breaking ground, sources of water issues need to be discussed and planned for to minimize potential damage. The plan should include:

‍Scheduling work to avoid peak rainfall times.‍

Identify potential hazards and develop ways to control them. Also, know the local water table for the site. Work to develop methods to direct water away. Create a daily checklist to find a leak, broken pipe or other water intrusions early.

During Construction‍

Once construction begins, daily inspections are required. Although the owner may not be part of the process, sitting down with the general contractor to ensure the bases are covered is important. This includes:

  • Verifying that all water services work prior to walls being built, which is especially important in preventing a difficult water pipe repair.
  • Store porous materials in a safe, dry place to prevent damage.
  • Any exterior openings, including windows, doors, elevator shafts and the roof, have temporary coverings to prevent damage.
  • Check that the area around the foundation slopes away from it, as well as that there are no visible cracks or fissures.    
  • Ensure sealants are properly applied in areas prone to letting water in.

Being prepared for the what-ifs is important during construction. Ensuring your general contractor is keeping water issues at bay can prevent a water pipe repair down the road. If water does infiltrate your new structure, rely on a water damage and restoration professional to help correct the problem.