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When a fire strikes your home, our trained and certified fire damage restoration experts at 1st Choice Solutions understand that it can be an emotionally devastating time for you and your family. Our Glenview fire restoration company staff is professionally trained to help you through any fire damage situation that might have affected your family and your home.

Fire Damage Repair & Smoke Damage Cleanup

Fire Damage Restoration Glenview ILThe most appalling events begin with a fire. While we understand that a fire disaster is very traumatic and dismaying, 1st Choice Solutions is here for you. Fire damage restoration in Glenview is one of the most complex and dangerous types of disaster services; therefore, in our fire repair company, we offer not only fire damage cleanup but also smoke damage cleanup as one of our many fire remediation services.  Because fire and smoke damage restoration is so complex, due to the gases that are released from the burning construction materials, 1st Choice makes sure that our trained fire restoration specialists and technicians get the job done right! Our goal at our fire damage restoration company is to detect, neutralize chemicals, and remove hazardous odors from the air, but more importantly, to restore and maintain a safe environment on your property for you and your loved ones.

Just like any other disaster, fire damage can affect just a portion of the home or an entire home. Often times, even when a fire has only affected one room of a Glenview home, the rest of the home may be damaged from smoke residue and odor. We specialize in Glenview smoke odor removal, fire damage repair, fire damage cleaning, and content cleaning for all residential, commercial, and industrial victims of fire and smoke damage.

Glenview Fire Damage Restoration Service

Smoke Damage Cleanup Glenview ILAs part of our fire clean up process in Glenview IL, we handle many of the delicate tasks- like removing ash from all appliances, electronics, furniture, artwork and many more. We also help you detect and determine which of your affected items can be easily restored and which need to be replaced. As a family-founded fire reclamation company, we understand the sentiment and importance that much personal property holds, which is why we make it our duty to treat and give utmost care and importance to your items to restore them back to their original condition whenever possible.

First: We Assess The Fire Damage

In case of a fire, 1st Choice will make sure to inspect your home to determine size of damage to your Glenview property by the fire and its penetrating smoke. We will assess just how far the fire and its smoke traveled, while also examining how severely affected the walls, windows and doors, along with furniture and other personal belongings have been affected. This will tell us what fire clean up services are required.

Then: Board-up

Our Glenview fire restoration technicians will then board-up your property’s windows, doors and walls (along with any other opening on your property), since these are usually the most affected, and often destroyed, by a fire and/or smoke.

Next: Smoke Remediation & smoke Odor Removal

1st Choice will then follow up with effective and time-efficient smoke remediation & clean up where smoke, dust and soot will be abolished from all surfaces by our smoke damage cleaners. If there is any damage from water in addition to the fire, 1st Choice will also take care of it by pumping out, ventilating and sterilizing the affected areas. Doing so can prevent health hazards to anyone entering the property. Odors are also taken care of (think about the penetrating odor of smoke and how it often lingers on everything it traces) and carpets are cleaned if needed. Our smoke damage cleaning company in Glenview has the equipment and know-how to handle any needed content clean up or other fire damage restoration service.

Finally: Fire Damage Restoration

After cleanup and sanitation, 1st Choice will begin to repair and renovate the property. Any doors, for example, that have been severely affected will be restored or replaced. Other items like carpets will also be cleaned or newly installed; affected walls, windows and anything else harmed by the fire will be completely restored and renovated to bring the home back to normal. At 1st Choice, we promise to go the extra mile so that your property not only goes back to its original form but that it will also look and function better than before. We do not just restore- we redesign so that while “We Restore, You Enjoy!”

What Should You Do After Fire Damage?

Fire Damage Repair Glenview ILA fire in your home or business follows with many losses. When a fire occurs in your Glenview property large amounts of damage also follow through, causing long and often expensive restoration costs. After a fire, it is important for you to keep a couple of things in mind. First and foremost, remember that you must not enter a recently affected property until notified by the Fire Department handling your property fire. Keep in mind that after such a tragic experience, your property’s cosmetic damages and essential structural damages are not the same. Although the property may “look” safe to enter, there are structures that could have been harshly affected, putting your life in danger. It is also important to keep in mind that fires are capable of reigniting even after being extinguished. For these reasons, stay connected and follow through on the instructions you are given.

Soon after a property fire, contact your insurance company immediately. Doing so will lead to knowing where to go and what do next. You’ll want to find Glenview fire damage restoration companies near you and will more than likely be advised to board-up the property’s doors, windows and other openings; pumping water out of the property, if present (don’t worry, 1st Choice does this all for you). Keep in mind that while all of this is getting done, you must not use any utilities until advised to do so- this not only keeps you safe but also minimizes further catastrophic events from taking place. Your insurance company will also tell you what is and what is not covered by your policy and whether all costs are covered. Remember that if you are a homeowner (with no mortgage) with no insurance, you are accountable for all the costs/repairs and loses of your property after a fire.

You should also consider creating detailed lists of the items damaged and the amount of money you paid for them. This demonstrates the importance of keeping and saving receipts of the furniture and other items you purchase for your property. While taking note of what is safe and what is lost, make sure that the extent of the damage gets documented through photos and/or videos.

After a fire, you should also consider temporary housing options. We suggest that you also take time to recover important documents that could have been lost in the fire. Important documents include, but are not limited to:

  • Bank records
  • Marriage/Birth certificates
  • Driver licenses/Identification cards
  • Passports
  • School records

Your Glenview Fire Damage Restoration Company

Recovering from fire and its damages is not easy, but at 1st Choice Solutions we promise to make the process of fire and smoke damage repair as smooth, efficient and as quick as possible so you can get back to the comfort of your home in a short amount of time.

For any kind of Glenview fire damage restoration or smoke damage situation, please call 1st choice solutions today at 312-957-7445. We will work with both you and your insurance adjuster to determine the best course of action for your home and your possessions, according to the industry fire restoration standards. Let us help you through the claims process for your fire or smoke damage claim so you get the coverage that you deserve!

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