Facing The Limits Of Home Mold Test Kits

No house is safe from the threat of mold, not even residences in Chicago, Illinois. If you suspect your home has become infested, get a qualified mold testing performed as soon as possible.


  • Mold can attack many parts of your building. Here are a few areas where you might discover a nasty fungi lurking in the shadows.
  • Underneath your sink or toilet
  • Behind your fridge
  • Within your ventilation
  • Inside your shower or tub
  • Surrounding any area subject to flooding
  • Mold in any of these environments needs to be removed quickly. The longer you wait, the more it can spread and worsen the damage.


For those who would like to go it alone, there are many testing solutions readily available. Yet while mold testing kits are both affordable and simple, they only reveal the existence of spores and fail to deliver a comprehensive reading.

mold removal expert

Furthermore, the results are notoriously unreliable, meaning placing your trust in a DIY mold approach remains unwise. No expiration dates, damage caused by shipping and lack of a control sample imply your chances of a misdiagnosis could be that much higher. Actual inspections are far more accurate. Consumer Reports even advises against using these kits, for while they remain cheap their ambiguity suggests they are a waste of money.


Using environmental testing companies that specialize in mold examination is the best way to guarantee testing accuracy. Only a Council-certified Microbial Investigator, or CMI, can properly identify where moisture is entering, conduct a decent air comparison and measure the different types and amounts of mold present in your dwelling.

Mold grows quickly, so hire a specialist at 1st Choice Solutions if you are in need of mold testing. Doing so is the easiest, most effective way to conduct a legitimate mold cleanup and return your homestead to safety and comfort.