A Description of Content Cleaning

Despite careful efforts and preparation, you can’t prevent all accidents from happening. If a fire makes its way through your home, it can damage or destroy many materials and items. Luckily, with the help of dry-cleaning and other measures, you can salvage many belongings. The type of cleaning you do will depend on the damaged item. Regardless, don’t forget to enlist the expertise of a professional fire cleanup team to restore your home and possessions.

Items That Fire and Smoke Affect

Aside from structural damage to your home after a fire, you’ll worry about building materials such as drywall, wood framing and your roof. You’ll also want to address content cleaning for the following:

Documents, including books, photographs and files
Keepsakes and memorabilia

Cleaning Furniture, Clothing and Carpet

The flames may not destroy these items, but smoke can leave ash and soot all over your home. Without the proper dry-cleaning, you may not be able to save them. Professional cleanup technicians at 1st Choice Solutions, will first wipe away the soot and ash. Using high-powered machines, the crew will then clean off any remaining residue with water and chemicals. The team will thoroughly dry these items to discourage the growth of mold and mildew.

Cleaning Documents

Be careful when handling wet or smoke-damaged documents. It’s best to let professionals take care of this cleaning task. Fire and smoke can still affect items in content storage, but prompt action can save ruined paper. The team will use freeze-drying methods to keep these items intact.

Cleaning Electronics

If you have damaged electronics, do not turn them on. It’s best to unplug the devices and wait for the professionals. In the meantime, you can take a damp cloth the surfaces, removing the ash and soot. The professionals will treat your items with care.
Dry-cleaning and other tactics can save your contents after a fire. Find a professional cleanup company near you that you.

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