5 Ways To Prepare Your Business For Flood Damage

Failure to address or remediate water damage in a timely manner can result in devastating amounts of secondary damage. Protect your business in Chicago by preparing to face a flood before disaster strikes.

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  1. Assess Your Location’s Risk.

There are multiple ways to assess your building’s flood risk. The Federal Emergency Management Agency can provide you with a map that displays locations that have a higher flood risk.

  1. Create and Discuss a Disaster Plan With Your Employees.

It’s a good idea to implement a couple different disaster plans for your business. It is vital that you inform and train your employees on the specifics regarding any type of evacuation plan. This can help ensure everyone’s safety in the event of a major black water flood.

  1. Install Alternative Energy Sources.

Less severe storms or floods might not warrant a complete evacuation. If business can continue safely, then you should make every attempt to do. Installing backup generators and air conditioning units can help expedite recovery time and reduce the amount of income lost.

  1. Protect Important Records.

Your businesses most important files should have multiple backups regardless. In case of flooding, you should make steps to waterproof these backup copies. Store physical documents in waterproof containers that are elevated at least one foot above the projected flood level. Electronic documents should have multiple backups stored in the Cloud.

  1. Purchase Commercial Flood Insurance.

According to FEMA, almost 40% of small businesses are unable to recover from even the smallest of floods. Insurance coverage can help prevent flood damage from killing your business.

Don’t let your business succumb to water damage caused by flooding. Take time to make the necessary precautions and ensure that your building, employees and personal property are all prepared to face any type of disaster.