5 Things To Replace After a Flood

May 8, 2020 | Uncategorized

A flood can result in extensive water damage at a residence in Chicago, IL. Floodwater is considered Category Three water damage or black water and is highly contaminated. Find out more about five types of contents that are likely to require replacement, rather than content cleaning, after flooding.

1. Food
Any food that is not in a waterproof container should be thrown away after exposure to floodwater. Remove the labels from store-bought canned food and thoroughly sanitize the packaging by cleaning and immersing and boiling water for two minutes or letting stand in a solution of bleach and water for 15 minutes. Relabel packaging with a permanent marker.

2. Medicine
Any medicine or personal care products exposed to contaminated water should be disposed of and replaced. It is impossible to guarantee that these substances remain sanitary or effective.

3. Carpeting
Discard carpeting that was fully submerged in floodwater for an extended time. Flooring materials with less exposure to contaminated water could benefit from professional content cleaning. Wet padding should be thrown away and replaced after a structure has been dried and disinfected.

4. Mattresses
Mattresses saturated with black water should be disposed of and replaced. The cost of cleaning and disinfecting a mattress so that it will not pose a recontamination risk can exceed the price of a new mattress.

5. Upholstered Furniture
While it may be possible to clean and restore several components of upholstered furniture after a flood, it is important to remove and replace the inner padding. Unless items are rare or sentimental, replacement may be more cost-effective.

Content cleaning may be an option for some porous materials, but it is always worthwhile to determine whether the cost of this treatment is more than the replacement price. Homeowners should consult with restoration professionals about the best approach to restoring damaged contents at a residence in Chicago, IL.

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