Understanding a few things about mold and how it grows may help you better understand what these professionals do. Here’s a few things you may want to know.


   Mold is a Fungus – All mold is a type of fungus. This means it grows by absorbing organic material and water, and then reproduces by spreading spores.


   It Grows in Specific Conditions – Mold also requires very specific growing conditions. Usually these are dim or dark areas with high humidity, such as an area that has recently experienced water damage.


   It Can Regrow – If mold is not properly removed then you may see mold growth,reoccur in the same place. During the removal process the area should be thoroughly cleaned, and the source of any water investigated and appropriately repaired.


   It Varies in Appearance – Mold can vary in appearance based on its location and variety. The growth pattern can be fuzzy or slimy in texture and can range in color between white, grey,yellow, brown, green, and black. A professional should be able to identify what type of mold is present as well as the best removal solution.


   A Professional Can Help – If you believe mold may be present then it’s highly recommended to contact a local mold remediation service for help. These professionals have the training needed to identify, contain and remove the mold, as well as repair any related damages.


Understanding mold growth can help you understand why the remediation professionals working on your business take the steps they do. Mold is a fungi which requires specific conditions to grow. It can regrow in a space if it is not properly removed and cleaned. This is why it’s recommended to work with a remediation team any time mold is found.